Songs of the Spirit

One of Robin’s best selling albums!
All songs composed and performed by Robin Spielberg
Recorded on a beautiful Steinway at Sear Sound, New York City

Originally released 1996 by North Star Music, this CD is now part of Robin’s playMountain Music catalog.

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The Songs:

  1. Spirit In This House [3:44]
  2. A Song For Jennie (We’re Almost There) [4:46]
  3. Maneki Neko [3:08]
  4. Accepting Grace [4:30]
  5. The Promise [3:19]
  6. The Photographer [5:23]
  7. The Nature of Time [5:15]
  8. Four O’Clock Suite [6:06]
  9. Anthem of My Heart [6:09]
  10. Soldier’s Journey (A variation) [2:37]
  11. Tree In the Breeze [4:16]
  12. Send Me A Letter [4:34]
  13. Late Night [5:56]



I receive a lot of CDs for possible review, including a large number featuring solo piano. I have discovered there are a lot of folks who have technical competence on the piano but are without something to say in the way of original composition. Happily, that is not so with Spielberg and her delightful Songs of the Spirit. Spielberg brings an emotional warmth to her music that will be apparent the minute you begin to listen to her. Yes, of course, she has technical mastery of the instrument, but far more important is her ability to coax exceptional tenderness and joy from the imposing majesty of a concert grand. There is an intimate quality to Spielberg’s compositions. Strong and tender melodies tug the heartstrings into vibrating with the sweetest resonance.Songs of the Spirit is for lovers to listen to late in the evening as the fire dies into embers, their eyes filled with tears of happiness at how rich and mysterious life can be. Some of my favorite tracks include “Spirit in this House”, filled with the whimsy of children celebrating the wonder of life; “A Song for Jennie”, chronicling the courage it takes to leave everything you know and journey to a new home far away; “The Promise” which sings of the rapture that comes when two hearts are joined; and “Anthem of My Heart”, which evokes the strength of spirit that can come only with love won, then lost, then won again.

Songs of the Spirit is sure to lift your spirits….Don’t miss it- New Age Retailer

Spielberg is a superlative musician with impressive range…Spielberg conveys a lighter-than-air spirituality that makes listeners want to lie back, close their eyes, and let Spielberg be their guide…this collection should more than satisfy lovers of piano music.- The Record

Spielberg has one of the best set of hands going. Her touch is perfect, sometimes velvet, sometimes sparkling. Plenty of presence, but not forcing. Exquisite phrasing. Responsive piano, by Steinway, and crystal clear recording. Robin and piano seem to fill the living room. …Spielberg plays a stellar collection of pieces; a few are chipper, but most express intimate emotional edges that will move memories in the listener. This is the sort of album you put on for background, but then find yourself lost in thought staring into the depths of a long-cold cup of coffee. “Late Night,” the final piece, seems to go on moments after the music’s stopped.- Carol Wright, The All Music Review

Spielberg’s music is graceful, elegant, quiet with an edge of passion… if you like David Lanz’ solo albums, you’ll most likely fall in love with this music — Spielberg and Lanz could be musical soulmates.- NAPRA Review

I fell in love with this album from the first cut. Unadorned and unassuming, Robin’s graceful solo piano touches the listener with its grace, beauty, and straightforward feeling. It’s easy to hear that as she plays, Robin wears her heart on her sleeve, and it’s little wonder that her albums have delighted many, many thousands of fans. I can’t help but think of angels as I listen to Songs of the Spirit. There is a quality of lightness and comfort here that just brings those heavenly beings to mind. In fact, these compositions almost feel like instrumental lullabies, gently cradling and soothing you. Not quite meditative, rather reflective, this album will paint pictures for you and bring you to your center.-The New Times

The link between classical music and the new adult contemporary market can be explored further with Songs of the Spirit by Robin Spielberg. Real fans of soothing and inspirational solo piano may remember Spielberg from 1994′s Heal of the Hand…Graceful and passionate, Spielberg’s melodies are as endearing as those by Suzanne Ciani….the kind of music that kind provide inspiration.- L.A. Jazz Scene

Once the playing begins on Songs of the Spirit, the listener is rendered spellbound.- The Salt Lake City Desert News

Solo piano ace returns to her solo roots and delivers the kind of set we’ve been waiting for Liz Story to make for a few years now. Stepping into the spotlight capably, Spielberg is on the money throughout, and it’s no wonder she’s already a hit with open-eared adults.- Midwest Record

If you’re a lover of relaxing, spirit ual piano solos a la Windham Hill artist George Winston, this is the music for you.- The Bergen Record

…beautifully written and lovingly played…She has a gentle touch that keeps the listener spellbound for the entire set, finding her own settled place somewhere between George Winston’s relaxing approach and Suzanne Ciani’s endearing melodies, more reflective than meditative, and with a lighter-than-air feeling that is quickly gaining fans from coast-to-coast.- Heartbeats

Your spirit will fly free and you’ll wish the musical journey could continue forever- The Gathering Place

This album of piano solos is filled with peaceful, intimate moments like you might expect to find on a Windham Hill album, only Robin is not Jim Brickman or George Winston, she is an artist with her own style and voice. Explore Robin’s world and you w ill meet such interesting people as Jennie, The Photographer, and a playful spirit.- Songwriters Monthly

Spielberg has created absolute magic in these original compositions for solo piano…she subtly exhibits a strong musical background through a wide range of textures and emotions that evoke timeless feelings of passion, vision and suddenly a new fresh direction. Beautiful- Arizona Networking News

Robin Spielberg is a true talent. Her music touches on some very real emotions and thoughts that are shared by all of us, and she never has to say a word… Ms. Spielberg’s melodies consume and amaze me. Thirteen tunes that will touch your heart. I mean that. My initial favorites are A Song for Jennie and The Photographer. Fantastic! This is the stuff that dreams are made of.- Baby Sue Music Review