Dreaming of Summer

Dreaming of Summer is a beautiful recording containing exquisitely played original piano solos inspired by the artist’s favorite season, Summer! The CD’s bonus track, “An Improvisation on the Canon in D” is Robin’s #1 download on iTunes and famous throughout the world.

SONG LIST:(Click the iTunes button for a free listen to any of the songs) Dreaming of Summer (Piano Solos) - Robin Spielberg

  1. Dreaming of Summer VIDEO of Robin playing this song
  2. Wherever You Go
  3. Wedding on the Mountain
  4. The 2am Gardener
  5. Because of You
  6. Forgiving Winter
  7. Flying
  8. Remembering You
  9. Saving the Irises
  10. One Last Look (see video of Robin playing this selection)
  11. Turn the Page
  12. An Improvisation on the Canon in D (bonus track) VIDEO of Robin playing this song

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These solo piano meditations on life are soulfully composed and the sound itself is positively pristine….The music has an emotional and musical complexity that is refreshing; some of the songs are almost tone-poemish in their approach to structure… there is a flowing sense of unforcedness that threads it way through the songs onDreaming of Summer…

Dreaming of Summer is a solid and extremely enjoyable collection of solo piano songs, played with a breezy yet heartfelt sense of assurance by one of the people I respect most in this industry. Robin Spielberg is about as real as it gets, folks. Fans of her music will doubtless fall in love with this CD. And those who just discover her with this recording will be bewitched as well, I’ll bet. All in all, this one is a keeper – play it on rainy afternoons, during late night musings, or just when you need the company of a musical friend. Recommended, obviously”! – Bill Binkelman, windandwire.com

You could do no better favor for yourself than to head for the nearest record store and purchase Dreaming of Summer. It is an album that will no doubt join your list of favorites and perhaps have you looking for more of her works to add to your collection.” -John Perkins, Slidell Sentry News

Conceived in the winter, when it’s cold and grey and flowers sleep in the frozen ground, Spielberg’s latest album whets the bittersweet edge of yearning and nostalgia. The album notes (and in live performance Spielberg’s excellent storytelling provide intriguing anecdotes describing the genesis of most cuts–but, let it be said such tales are mere points of departure. Her music is not really storytelling, but about the emotional connections stimulated by memories.

One piece, “Saving the Irises,” was prompted by an account of an iris garden nearly destroyed by storm, but the underlying sense seems to arise from a dimension of irretrievable loss, as expressed through key changes and unexpected shifts in progressions. Indeed, it is the sub-text of her music that invites the deepest consideration. The final cut, a ‘bonus’ piece, is Spielberg’s way of
working magic with the “Pachelbel Canon in D.” She takes confident liberties with its stately rhythms and well-known fugue, making this piece truly her own. -ALB, New Age Voice Magazine

The bonus track alone is worth having the CD for. It is Robin’s interpretation of Pachelbel’s ‘Canon’, a popular classical piece….her five and a half minute finale allows for plenty of building on the song’s melody. “Wedding on the Mountain”, written for actor Willliam H. Macy and his wife Felicity, is another melodic standout as are “One Last Look” and “Turn the Page.” “The 2am Gardener” makes good use of minor tones and left and right hand separation to create intriguing imagery. DREAMING OF SUMMER can provide a soothing background at home, work or while driving as the season begins getting cooler this month. She is a wonderful talent…” – City Magazine/Southwest Virginia Arts & Leisure Guide

A dozen new, original piano solos from Robin’s gentle hands make a fine bouquet any time of year. This flower-accented package is great for winter-weary lovers of light music. The booklet includes interesting vignettes of the inspirations behind her selections. There’s not a disagreeable note, chord, or rhythm on this entire CD. Music trickles elegantly, as from a small stream’s easy late spring waterful. ‘Flying’ , an especially joyous free-float for the soul, arises from the happy wonder of Robin’s own dreams of flying. The next song, ‘Remembering You,’ may be the album’s most poignant, and this transition makes a potent statement. Ectasy and sorrow both pay their visit, yet this CD’s overriding sensitivity stems from an internal refuge where serenity survives beneath conflicts”. – The Napra Review

I have been a big fan of Robin Spielberg’s music for quite a few years now, and am delighted to say that I think “Dreaming of Summer” is her best album to date. Robin’s music has always been full of optimism and strength, but the life-changing events of the past few years have brought a new depth and maturity to her composing and playing. I noticed this development the first time I listened to “Dreaming of Summer”, and it became even more apparent the
more I listened to the variety of moods and colors in this compelling collection of new piano solos… Co-produced and engineered by Steven Miller, the sound quality of this album is amazing….

Each of the pieces on this CD works wonderfully as a stand-alone work as well as part of a unified whole. There is a seamless flow to the CD…there is depth and passion as well as a sense of peace that comes only from surviving some of life’s greatest challenges and emerging with a new wisdom about what is really important – friendship (Wherever You Go, Wedding on the Mountain, Remembering You), rediscovering the incredible strength of her marriage as well as her own inner strength (Because of You), pondering the meaning of life as her infant daughter was undergoing major surgery (Turn the Page), and seeking the healing power of flowers and a well-tended garden (The 2 am Gardener, Saving the Irises). Concert audiences have been asking Robin to record her frequent encore piece, An Improvisation on the Canon (Pachelbel’s Canon in D, of course!), and Robin included that as a bonus track, giving a fresh new treatment to this workhorse of a piece.

Sure to be one of my Top 5-favorite albums of the year, I give “Dreaming of Summer” my highest recommendation for its heartfelt beauty, love, sincerity, and wonderful piano playing. Robin truly opens her soul with her music, and
it is a joy to behold! – Kathy Parsons, SoloPianoPublications